Added value at each stage of the process

Forgia del Frignano applies, throughout the production cycle, a rigorous quality system certified by Lloyd's Register and complying with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard.

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Designing with three-dimensional integrated CAD systemInternal procedures and constantly updated operating practices, together with the experience which has always made the Company stand out, allow it to offer a finished product of superior quality.

The company ERP monitors all the phases concerning the production of the forging part: starting from quotation, up to the design phase with a three-dimensional integrated CAD/CAM system, passing through the internal construction of the moulds and the equipment by means of CNC machines, right up to the actual hot steel forging.

The most advanced Computer-Aided Engineering tools allow Forgia del Frignano to ensure the highest quality: the forging simulator employing the finite element method (FEM), the ring rolling simulator, and the 4.0 interface with production plants.

Raw materials and processes are managed according to the principle of full traceability.