Added value at each stage of the process

During the entire production cycle, Forgia del Frignano applies a rigorous system of quality certified by the Lloyd's Register in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001 standards.

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Designing with three-dimensional integrated CAD systemInternal procedures and well defined operative practises go hand in hand with the experience that has always made the company stand out, allowing them to provide a finished product of superior quality.

The Design Office is capable of following each stage relating to the production of the item, as requested by the client even at the quotation stage, starting with the designing with the three-dimensional integrated CAD/CAM system right up to the internal construction of the moulds and equipment via the use of appropriate tool machinery.

Production controls and final testsThe internal laboratory at Forgia del Frignano completes this policy on quality, allowing for a series of tests that go well beyond the already existing production controls and final tests.

Spectrometer, magnetic yoke, ultrasonic testing equipment, durometers and a complete set of electronic dimensional detectors is only some of the equipment that the laboratory makes use of. The metallurgic microscope, with relative kit for sample preparation and chemical compounds for superficial attachments, also allow for in-depth analysis at each production stage of the forged product.