A generation of steel

Forgia del FrignanoForgia del Frignano was founded in 1971 in its present day location in Pavullo, with a view to developing steel forging work in the area close to raw material production factories, the most important ports in Italy (Genoa and Ravenna) and to a well established network of end users.

At the start of the 1980's, hammers were gradually replaced by mechanical presses to achieve a greater quality standard.

Forgia del Frignano has always strongly supported the idea of continual technological innovation, gradually optimising each efficiency parameter.

Being awarded the UNI EN ISO 9001 certification in 1999 was a direct consequence of this continuous improvement policy.

Forgia del FrignanoThe company wanted to combine its production results with a careful environmental balance, that would produce clear direct benefits including those on its workers' health.

The expansion of the company's surface area is part of this and it now extends across an overall surface area of 180,000m².