Continuous development in hot steel forging

Presses for hot steel forging from between 1800 and 6500 tonsSince its foundation in 1971, Forgia del Frignano has chosen regular and continuous development.

The original factory has been extended on various occasions to meet the needs of the incessant company growth; even the office building itself has recently been renovated to cope with an increase in staff and to provide suitable accommodation to the internal laboratory.

Hot steel forgingThe production plants are worth mentioning apart: the policy of continuous improvement implemented by this company has, over the years, ensured a continuous product development linked to a simultaneous increase in each efficiency parameter (management of raw materials, resource consumption and quality of the end product).

Nowadays, there are presses for hot steel forging from between 1800 and 6500 tons: along with a ring rolling machine, Forgia del Frignano can produce a vast range of various parts of differing shape and weight.