Our values

Code of Ethics Forgia del Frignano S.p.A.


Our environmental policy

The environmental policy of Forgia del Frignano S.p.A. is based on the environmental sustainability and consequently put the improvement of its environmental performance among the major strategic objectives to achieve.

The environmental management system aims to ensure compliance of all safety and environmental legislations applicable to the production site and pursues the continuous improvement of the eco-efficiency of business operations, applying the best available techniques.

Forgia del Frignano S.p.A.:

  • activates and maintains a management system that defines the roles, powers and responsibilities;
  • involves, raises awareness and trains all employees on environmental issues;
  • assesses, controls and monitors the environmental impacts of ongoing activities;
  • assesses in advance the environmental impact of all new activities, products and processes;
  • conserves natural resources by adopting all the necessary measures;
  • monitors the use of raw material and implements technologically and economically sustainable solutions to optimize efficiency;
  • monitors the use of electrical power and implements technologically and economically sustainable solutions to optimize efficiency;
  • prevents or eliminates pollution in both normal and accidental conditions through an improvement program;
  • ensures that the use and storage of hazardous substances is performed in accordance with safety policies;
  • promotes an open and transparent dialogue with all the stakeholders, including public authorities, suppliers and customers.

Customers, suppliers, local community and anyone interested could contact us to obtain further information (or send us their own recommendations) on the environmental impact created by our work, products and services.

Policy on health and safety at work

Health and safety in the workplace represent a fundamental requirement for the development of production operations.

From the perspective of improvement and continuous evolution, Forgia del Frignano S.p.A. intends to pursue the objectives of improving the health and safety of workers as an integral part of its operations, by implementing an Organization and Management Model (MOG-SSL) on Safety at Work and adapting it to its own organizational and production requirements.

The MOG is based on the organizational structure of its own Quality Management System, with additions and adaptations.

For that purpose, Forgia del Frignano S.p.A. undertakes to:

  • promote company growth, without losing sight of the health and safety of the workers;
  • define and plan the safety objectives through targets formalized and checked at intervals defined through the planning of appropriate internal audits;
  • choose and use rationally the equipment, resources and raw materials, keeping in consideration their potential risk to health and safety;
  • reduce the remaining risks to the health and safety of personnel through the development and implementation of appropriate training plans, adoption of work instructions and emergency management procedures;
  • constantly check through internal audits the results achieved for the health and safety of workers;
  • reduce occupational accidents and diseases to a minimum by acting directly at the source of all possible risks (equipment, chemical agents, behaviour, etc.) and guaranteeing prompt and constant information for workers;
  • disclose information concerning incidents, accidents and near-misses;
  • spread the culture of safety within the company by involving all operators;
  • improve the efficiency and effectiveness of company processes, by raising its position on the market.

The achievement of these objectives is implemented through compliance with compulsory and voluntary legislative requirements to which the company has committed.

This policy will be the constant reference, within the scope of periodic reviews, for assessing the results reached and for identifying new ones, in compliance with the company approach based on continuous improvement.

Forgia del Frignano S.p.A. promotes the spread of the integrated policy among its personnel, suppliers and customers.

This policy is disclosed to anyone working for the company and on its behalf.

The individual responsible persons shall ensure that this policy is implemented and disclosed.